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Adumfa Mining Ltd

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Offering Gold Dust of 22 Carats Quality.

Name: Alfred Mahama | Phone: 233-21-516448

Country: 86 | Code: 233 | Fax: 233-21-516448

Address: Nanka Bruce St. No. 44

Website: | ICQ: | MSN:


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Name: 30/50 mesh light and medium density ceramic proppa

Description: Tianixang 30/50 mesh light and medium density Ceramic proppant is mainly used for hydraulic fracturing in the process of oil and natural gas exploitation. Using high-pressure fracturing equipment, when the oil reservoir has been squeezed out of many cracks, ceramic proppants are added into the cracks, so that viscous fracturing fluid can be squeezed into the oil reservoir. Hence the oil reservoir permeability is increased and the oil and gas production is also increased.

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